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Wood Processing
All wooden panels used in modern Spa Wellness units, covering materials, special furniture, wooden parts of the doors of saunas and baths are produced in our own place. Processing and shaping of the wood elements, covering, painting and polishing of wood parts and other works are carried out in the same workshop. Juno who produces his own accessories is proud of his skilled and dedicated team.

Stone Processing
Juno plans and produces many products for modern Spa Wellness Units, Steam Rooms, Hydro-massage Pools and Building Elements in his own place. The facility having full automatic systems for cutting, profile shaping and polishing can also process almost all kind of stones with a high production capacity.
Designing, production and application of all marble indoor parts such as flooring materials, bathroom items, staircases and areas nearby the reception desk are made in this modern facility by investing the technology.

Metal Processing
Juno’s workshop could turn a metal part into excellent accessories, and make covering for all constructions. Many works needed for shaping a metal such as automatic cutting, levelling, welding, surface preparing, painting and other processes are made here. Besides visible decorative surfaces, hidden parts made of metal which are used to strengten a system or to bear a load or to give a certain form to a section can be easily produced and installed in Juno’s workshop. Juno also produces fire exit doors in this facility in accordance with the standards, and has the related international certificates on this field.

GFRP (Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester)
The solution material of some sensitive areas is GFRP. It is resistant to dump and hot areas, durable, light and easily applicable. Furthermore, it gives almost limitless design opportunities to be applied on all kind of items. Juno manufactures all wet areas such as ceilings of SPAs, domes of Turkish baths and steam rooms, and covering of decorative walls using this material.