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Bucket Shower Systems
It is a shower type that the body is cooled under its dense water flowing just after the warm therapy. It is an alternative to shock pools in terms of being more hygienic. About 15 L water is poured from a bucket made of Teak tree which is mounted on the wall with stainless steel holders. This type would be suitable especially for the narrow places because of holding a minimum space to be installed.

Adventure Shower Systems
Adventure showers are built to invigorate the user with different atmospheres while enhancing the blood circulation. The system has many programming options and massage effects made with several water spraying ways as per the user’s individual needs. With the help of different lightings, voice effects and scents accompanying the water, you may feel as if you are in a rain forest or at the seaside. After this excellent shower experience of Juno, you will be relaxed and free from the day’s stress.

Snail Shower Systems
Snail showers which are developed with the experience of many years will add a different beauty to your Spa facility. There are also other shower head designs that you may choose as per your own delight and to be installed by our expert team into the snail shower system.