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Spa means body care which is made using water with therapeutic properties. Despite Spa market in the world is very advanced, it is a developing sector in Turkey. Spa is extensively used in hotels, resorts and similar places in the world. There are some different features in the entrance of Spas in comparison to other public utilities. An impressive music system and fascinating decors welcome the guests together with nice scented candles and lights systems. Cosmetic materials and services are also other factors which offer the user good feelings besides physical benefits.

Spa guests generally prefer body-care programs. A combination of aromatic oils and skin peeling cosmetics are used in a relaxing body-care application. It gives the user good feelings. Massage oils with citrus aromas ensure both spiritually and physically relaxation together with a better blood circulation. Pure body peeling application makes the dead skin cells eliminated and the user more invigorated. Another body-care program is made with sea moss powder by mixturing it with water. The body is covered with this mixture and wrapped with stretched films. Afterwards, the user lies on the dermolife unit for a vibration effect so that the blood circulation can speed up.

The unit also sprays an aromatic steam to purify the body from toxins, and emits coloured lights to make the user feel better. Some other skin regenerative ways that may be used in different skin masks are sea salts and mosses. Those mineral-rich natural mixtures support elastin production in the skin and contain some other complementary ingredients.
All applications performed in a Spa center for skin regeneration and body relaxation are very important and should be applied by experts considering individual conditions.

Sanitas Per Aquam
The expansion of the abbreviation SPA is “Sanitas per aquam” which stand for “health through water. It is a name used for water therapies which have been applied as from the Ancient Roman times until today. Healing through water, health gained by applying water, relaxing and feeling better with the help of hot, cold or warm water in different ways of motion (flowing, dripping, springling or spraying water) are some of the explanations of this holistic therapy concept.