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You can re-experience the sauna with the Roll Model, which has an entirely different style.

The seatings, backrests, massive Abachi wood on the opposite Wall of the door were applied in the form of logs 10cm in diameter. The Abachi wood was applied as a normal and thermowood special combination in two different textures. While Basalt stone application behind the heater adds elegance to design, wood get protects from heat. Visual harmony has been brought to the highest level with Thermowood ash wood that is used in wall coverings.

Roll Model; The application of the Abachi logs in the form of a bench invites you to enjoy a sauna that has not been experienced before.
All products used in the model are selected and produced in accordance with the ISO quality system. Tempered glass wing doors, imported Two Lattice heaters, dim lighting and thermowood wood are combined with Juno mastery to make your saunas comfortable, spacious and safe.