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“Motion”, a sauna which adds value to the place with its furniture look. An eye catching sauna with a PVC membrane-printing outer cover that is resistant to water and moist, and can be installed without making any change in the place within 2 hours. It is a new and distinct sauna option.

Motion Saunas are designed and produced in sizes like other furniture in your home. The PVC outer cover can be made as per the daily trends and in contrast colours used some modern furniture parts. A smoked glass door and under-seat lighting fixtures maximize the functionality of Motion Saunas. Curved seats made of block wood and a cheval mirror provide a wider-looking interior design and increased usability. Glass shelves, towel racks and spot lights are other accessories in the sauna which support the furniture look of it. A heater with a side controller is designed for being more practical.

Sauna cabins are made of high-quality and specially processed woods. Elegant Abachi tree is used on the interior surface of the cabin and seats. All glass parts of a sauna are made of tempered safety glass. A meticulous workmanship and standardized processes used in the production prevent Junos from being incompatible, and ensure an excellent integrity.

Electrical system of all saunas is made of the most durable and high-quality materials in accordance with the related safety standards. The system is checked thoroughly at all stages of the production and installation. The heater choice has a key role for ensuring a comfortable sauna session. That’s why, Juno heater is designed with a side controller considering an ergonomic use.

It’s number one priority of the engineers in Juno to ensure your sauna pleasure when buying it and using it, and even after so many years have passed. In Juno, a sauna starts to be designed from inside to outside. Because, our main target is to make the interior of a sauna cabin a comfortable and safe place.pdfindir