Juno – Bosphorus 2018-02-15T17:40:05+00:00

Bosphorus is the special JUNO design model for those who want to have different Sauna experience.

Unlike manufacturing, ergonomics in seating units are provided by bringing the standard massive wood to the appropriate form with CNC. As a material, Abachi wood that has been custom-processed is used.

As known, Himalayan salts are used for therapy in many subjects such as asthma, exhaustion. In the Bosphorus model, the perfect harmony of salt bricks and wood has brought a whole new style to the saunas in terms of both aesthetics and health. While salt bricks are mechanically combined and no chemical additives are used, Multi colored lighting that has been made behind of it, provides a unique sauna experience with different color options.

Unique silhouette of Istanbul accompanies you by a modeling of special panel wood with CNC. The model, which will emerge from the hands of experienced worksmen team, is produced meticulously and skillfully at every stage.